My name is Sophia Clark and I'm a design junkie, chocolate lover, fashion enthusiast, wanderluster and a citizen of the world! 

This is my story of living my dream life whilst working from my laptop and mobile! Now it's time for me to share tips and advice with you to show you how you can achieve the same!  Subscribe below to join in the fun!

What Is It You Actually Do?

As an Internet Marketer & Bitcoin Investor I promote Digital Businesses that coach and educate people how to build a business online and with Bitcoin, I buy as many as I can and put 20% of the coins into Bitcoin Mining so I'm creating more and more Bitcoins every single day!

How Many Countries Have You Visited?

Peru, Argentina, Ecuador,UAE, Kenya, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Germany, USA, Brazil, Panama, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Oman, England... There are so many more countries but these ones are off the top of my head!


If There Was One Thing You Could Change In Your Life, What Would It Be?

Looking back, it would have to be thinking I could make my dream life become reality without any help!  I went through one whole year or trying to succeed without any support and that got me nowhere!  So with that being said, if I could go back in time and change, then it would have to be that I started listening to people sooner, instead of thinking I knew everything!

What Are Your Keys To Success?

Many people like to over complicate this and it's the reason why so many people struggle with succeeding at what they want to do because they have this perception of success as it's hard to come by, and in reality it's really not, you just have to follow these few key pointers, and they are...

1 - Get a Mentor
2 - Identify Your Passion
3 - Find A Way To Monetize Your Passion
4 - Work Smart (Not Hard)
5 - Be Consistent

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