Featured Artist: Bia Doria

"To the attentive eyes and restless minds, there is a constant motivation to transform still life by giving them meaning and life through art. Passionate about the environment and sustainability, I sculpt trunks, logs, roots and branches to create works of art, flowers, human forms...Although the planet is perfect in many ways, this re-creation of natural elements, "waste", into art is truly thrilling to me. Finding a concept, a theme, a new vision emerging from a piece of natural raw materials is exciting."

"Thankfully, people are slowly becoming aware of the importance of sustainability. Nowadays, improved techniques of the recycling process, new practices of reusing waste are expected and required in many professional outcomes. My work is here to enhance this reflection; my goal is to encourage people’s realization that our actions can benefit our ecosystem that ecological preservation needs to be increased. "

"My life has been spent admiring the world around us, yet I observe it being violated, burnt, and destroyed. There is an ethical dimension to my work: restoring appreciation and recognition to nature through the noble arts of woodworking and marquetry. Bringing life, light and even sensuality to dead wood mingled with a deep concern for our ecological balance is at the very heart of my creations."