Featured Artist: Shaun La

Shauna La is an abstract artist who resides in Los Angeles. Although she has studied with Columbia College in Chicago and Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she is a self-taught painter. A multi-faceted personality and always compelled to create, La moved to San Diego in 2006 to focus on her artwork and began exhibiting in San Diego. In 2013 La moved to Los Angeles. 

Shauna La explores the relationships between lines and emotion, color and thought in her dynamic acrylic and mixed media works. Her works range from small canvases with muted color impassioned with crimson texture and stark charcoal lines to extremely large canvases enriched with white and red paint primarily applied by her fingers to create brilliant texture and depth. In her most recent work, she uses reds, blacks, browns, and whites to create compelling and beautiful glimpses into not only her perception of reality but her reaction to it.

“For me, existence is about creating, exploration, and movement. Dreams, colors, tactile sensation, taste, and smells all blend together into a fantastic maelstrom that inspires me to create. When I create, I find peace. In my artwork, I utilize paint, pastels, and charcoal to explore the hidden realms of thought and emotion inside, expressing myself without any inhibitions. In doing so, my artwork is an honest representation of who I am.”