Featured Artist: Teresa Cole

"Essential to every society, pattern has been my subject of artistic investigation for several years. I strive to call attention to it as a language: a form of communication, abstraction, and embedded cultural identity. Examining the use of pattern to create identity as well as a means to distort, confuse and manipulate information, my works employ layering, enlarged marks, and magnified views to penetrate the malleability of sensory knowledge.

Through large print installations, I manipulate pattern to explore issues of power, unravel the past, and as a mode to interpret our complicated world. The works are relief or screen-prints that cover walls or cross into the three-dimensional, subtly defining space. Through the use of repetition, and the representation of space (both shallow and deep), I utilize optics as an agent of seduction to trace cultural expressions within the visual world. Relationships are formed between abstraction and representation, the simple and the complex, and ultimately the viewer and the viewed."

ArtSophia ClarkComment