Entrepreneurial Journey...

I started my entrepreneurial journey 4 years ago...when I realized I was not made to work to build someone else's dream but had so many of my own I wanted to focus on. 

I was extremely naive and if I would have known half the things I know now, I'm not sure I would have ever started. That being said- I don't regret a thing! It has transformed me into a more resilient and ambitious person that I never knew I even was capable of being. 

I started this blog a couple of years ago to focus primarily on fashion and travel- which are huge passions of mine. However over the past few months it's been clear to me that I want to turn this into something with more substance and more purpose. I've realized with this new year that one of the things that makes me me is my entrepreneurial spirit. Creating something out of nothing and seeing how people can engage and believe in what you present is truly rewarding.

Through this blog I want to empower people who are wanting something more with their lives, they aren't quite sure where to start. People who feel like they aren't living up to their full potential, people who feel like they aren't living life completely on their terms, people who don't want to be a part of the rat race or status quo, people who believe they have something more to offer than just simply working at a desk job. 

I believe in being a risk taker and living life under your terms- I want to motivate people and give people options/ solutions to being able to live their fullest life yet. For me that was being an entrepreneur and traveling the world- it can be something completely different for anyone else and that's ok! Whatever it is, everyone needs to follow their passions! Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, accountant, teacher or stay at home mom- everybody has passions and dreams- whether you keep it as a hobby or let it blossom into your career- give yourself the opportunity to learn and grow!

my blog posts will relate more to motivation, tips and tricks I have picked up over the years, travel (since that is a HUGE one of my passions) and everything in between!