Think Positive and Capture Every Small Win

If your reaction is, “I don’t need to think better,” then that’s a sign you do need to think better. That kind of negative thinking is what’s holding you back.

Positive thoughts are what create positive actions, and positive actions are what create positive results.


If you’re not happy with your results, it’s because you’re taking the wrong actions. If you’re taking the wrong actions, it’s because you’re thinking the wrong thoughts.

Your thoughts drive your actions, whether they’re positive or negative.

If you think negative thoughts, and you believe you’re clueless and unqualified, then your actions will follow. You’ll want to buy more courses and consume more information than you’re producing.

If you think positive thoughts, and you believe you’re capable of doing great things, the actions change. You’ll start producing and taking positive actions, and you’ll get the positive results to match.


The simplest way to shift your thinking away from negative thoughts and towards positive thoughts is to capture every win, no matter how small.

The important thing is not how big the wins are. It’s that you start to perceive yourself as a “winner” and you start to perceive your wins as abundant, not scarce. Then, your thoughts become positive, your actions become positive and your results become positive.