Your Business Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint


The actions that lead to business success are not complicated. They’re quite simple.

To build an audience of 100,000 people on Facebook is something you could be shown how to do in 5 minutes, and something that only needs to cost you just $5 a day.

Yet, most people won’t do it. They’ll try it for a month, see that they’re not getting any likes or comments and they’ll quit.


When you read the stories of successful entrepreneurs, or look at testimonials, remember that you’re usually not seeing the full story.

You might hear, “I started using this system 6 months ago and it’s made me $500,000,” or, “I started using this product 2 weeks ago and it’s already made me $10,000.”

When you see this, it’s easy to think, “Wow, that could be me!”

But what’s left out of those testimonials is the years they’ve been in the industry, getting experience and building up leverage in their business.

It definitely could be you getting results like that one day. But only if you’re willing to go through the years of hard work and patience.


Norbert Orlewicz coached a business owner who started recording daily videos. At the time, he was a nobody with no following and no online presence. He had never owned a business before. What’s more, he was shy and introverted.

3 months after he started, he quit his job and went full time with his business. 2 years later, he had his first $50,000 month.

That happened because he had a long term vision. He made the decision that this is what he was doing. He gave himself no other option. He didn’t have the attitude that he’d try it for a few months and see if it works.

When you start thinking of your business a marathon instead of a sprint, you will greatly increase your chance of success. You’ll be comfortable with the possibility that it might take you a year or two to see results, because you’re in this for the long haul.