How To Be The Person Everyone Wants To Be Around


The best marketers have a personality that acts like a magnet. Everyone just wants to be around them, and this is how they build a following.

All of us have a unique personality and all of us have the ability to be the person everyone wants to be around. It just starts with knowing and acknowledging your own gifts and learning to love who you are.


There are several “triggers” that effective marketers and popular people use to attract a following.

One is the “power trigger.” People want to be around someone who encourages them, helps to bring out their inner power and makes them feel powerful.

There is the “passion trigger.” People who are passionate about something will always attract others, because they are a source of inspiration and happiness.

Next is the “mystique trigger.” People who appear mysterious easily create a following. Everyone wants to come to them because they’re fascinated by them.

There’s the “prestige trigger.” People who have a sense of prestige also tend to attract others, because people want to be associated with them. It’s like having the latest gadget.

Finally, there is the “trust trigger.” People who create a sense of trust will pull people in, because people want to stay with a leader who’s stable and reliable.


When you’re doing a sales call, appearing on video or interacting with your customers and audience, you want to show the best of who you are.

Have you ever felt people expected things of you that are not your natural gifts? Maybe you were in a job where your natural talents went unnoticed. As a result, your boss never gets to see your full potential.

On the other hand, do you ever feel when you are talking to someone that you’re “in the zone” and nothing holds you back? That’s when you are using your natural triggers.

Many of us don’t know which triggers come naturally to us, because we’re so used to it. Listen to what others say about you, and they will tell you.

Learn what your natural gifts are, and use them to their full advantage in your marketing.