Feed Your Mind Like You Feed Your Body


Everyone, whether they do it or not, knows the importance of feeding their body the right food. We all know that the food we put into our bodies has an immense influence on our quality of life.

Most people, however, don’t realize that feeding their minds is exactly the same. The information that you feed your mind has an equally immense influence on your quality of life.

What do you feed your mind? Do you feed it with the right education, or with negative friends and the mainstream media?


When Russell Whitney was young, his father Russ Whitney sat down with him and explained that feeding your mind is like feeding your body.

If you eat fatty foods and unhealthy things that you know you shouldn’t eat, you’ll get fat and out of shape. You’ll get obese and you might get a heart attack and die early.

On the other hand, if you feed your body with appropriate food and you work out every day, you’ll get healthy and in shape. You’ll have more energy throughout the day, you’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll have more self confidence.


Just like you can feed your body the wrong way, you can feed your mind the wrong way. When people feed their mind the wrong way, it starts to mess with their internal thoughts.

For example, they set a goal and don’t work to achieve it, or they set it too high.

When Russell Whitney was 20 years old and started his business career, his goal was to make a million dollars virtually overnight. Setting a goal like this would only set him up for failure and make him think he was incapable.

Instead, his coaches and mentors guided him on a path of setting smaller goals, one day at a time. Within another 4 years, he’d reached a million dollar net worth.

When you set smaller goals that you can achieve and accomplish every day, you start to feel in control and capable. You’ll have more energy and strength to build up to the heavier weights later on.


If you’re listening to the negative news, watching reality shows and surrounding yourself with negative people who are not willing to take their lives to the next level, you too will become negative. You’ll start to think the world is out to get you.

If you read books and publications like Think and Grow Rich, The Richest Man in Babylon, Forbes magazine, Success magazine and Entrepreneur magazine, you’ll start to think differently. You’ll think positive thoughts and believe that you can succeed.

Choose sources of information that can feed you spiritually, financially, physically and mentally, and feed yourself with them every day.