The 2 Things You Need To Succeed


In business, there are two things you need to succeed: mindset and numbers.

Of course, if the numbers are not on your side, and more money is flowing out of your business than what’s flowing in, it goes without saying that you won’t last for very long.

But what’s equally important is whether you have the mindset to figure it out and turn a failing campaign into a profitable one.


When you’re doing Facebook marketing, the numbers are unlikely to all fall into place on your first try. You need the right mindset to bring them about.

When you set up your first campaign and it fails, the numbers are a temporary inconvenience. But it’s your mindset that really determines what happens next. If you don’t have the right mindset, you’ll walk away and maybe try another marketing method, only to watch that one fail too.

If you have the right mindset, you’ll stay put and figure it out. Maybe all of your first five campaigns will fail, but the sixth one will succeed and overcompensate for the others.

Your mindset controls your numbers, and your numbers can also control your mindset. If you’ve invested $60,000, it’s not easy to walk away. If you’ve only invested $100, it’s very easy to give up after a few failed campaigns.


If you’ve read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, you may recall the story about the California gold rush.

A man had bought a plot of land, sure that gold lay beneath. He spent a lot of money on equipment and started digging and searching for the gold. For a whole year, he found nothing. Eventually, he gave up and sold the land and the equipment.

The man who bought the land from him was very happy, because he only had to dig one more foot to reach the gold that the first man could not find for a whole year.

Whenever you’re considering walking away, remember this story. You could be just one foot away from the gold.