Is It The Worst Time Of Your Life…Or The Best?


Sometimes, it seems like it’s the worst time of your life. You’ve lost everything and your back is against the wall.

However, being at “rock bottom” can also be the best time of your life, because it’s when you can make the decision to turn it all around.

In 2011, Dolmar Cross was broke and bankrupt. His previous business had come crashing down. Despite his fear and doubt, he made the decision to get back up again.


Throughout the early 2000’s, Dolmar Cross was a successful business owner. After the economy crashed, he saw his income slowly go down and down. He had to go back to working for someone else, until that company went bankrupt and he lost his job.

After he came back from his honeymoon, he reached rock bottom and saw a bankruptcy attorney. On May 18, 2011, he too filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

He felt frustration, fear, doubt and depression. He feared he could not tunnel his way out of it.

He had a baby daughter and couldn’t afford food for her. His only option was to take his last paycheck to a payday loan company, and get a $500 loan to pay for food and diapers. Then he had to take money from his dad’s paycheck to pay it off.

Above all, he was embarrassed. He used to do great things in business, but now all he wanted was to be a recluse.


It was the lowest point of Dolmar Cross’s life, but it was also the best. He had to make a decision to get back up again.

On April 29, 2011, shortly before he filed for bankruptcy, he started his real estate business. In his first month, he only did one deal. In his second month, he did seven deals and he’s never slowed down since.

He built his business the hard way, with little resources and at the most difficult time of his life. For a while he didn’t believe he could do it, but he kept going because he was desperate and hungry.

Within a year, his company went on to be one of the biggest buyers in the market and his invsetors were getting 26% returns.

If it seems like it’s the worst time of your life, don’t forget that you can choose for it to be the best.