The Most Valuable Skill You Can Have


Real financial security is not in how much money you currently have. It’s in your ability to get more money whenever you want it.

That’s why you see millionaires go bankrupt, and within a few years, they’re a millionaire again. They didn’t just get lucky the first time. They have the skills that they can draw upon again and again.

The most valuable of these skills is the skill of problem solving. With this skill, you’ll be able to quickly get yourself out of any bankruptcy or overcome any major challenge in your business.


Entrepreneurs are people who get paid to solve problems. If you can fall in love with problems and finding solutions to them, you’ll be a successful entrepreneur.

Jeff Gardner has a “problem solving triad” that he uses to solve any problem he encounters in his business. You can use this 3-step methodology whenever you encounter a problem with your customers, your staff, your vendors, your financial results or any other aspect of your business.


The first step of the “problem solving triad” is solving the emotional problem. Don’t even begin to look for solutions until you are in an appropriate emotional state to do that.

Most people overlook this. They’ll get angry and upset at the problem, and try to deal with it while in an emotionally charged state. This usually only makes the problem worse, and gives them a bigger mess to clean up.

Whenever a problem happens, don’t start complaining about it or even try to solve it. Just ask yourself what you’re feeling right now. Get yourself back to peace and calm so that you have the faculties to deal with it.


Secondly, spend 20% of your time defining the problem. Often, it may not be what you think. Sometimes, it’s a totally different problem to what you originally thought it was. Sometimes, it’s not even possible to solve or there’s no problem at all.

Unless you first get your emotions in order, you won’t be able to think clearly and define the problem accurately.

Should you determine there is a problem that needs to be solved, spend 80% of your time solving the problem.