Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


Greatness only happens outside of your comfort zone. You already know this.

But stepping out of your comfort zone, by definition, is hard to do. It’s always easier to stay comfortable – to not quit your job, to stay in the shadows, to play it safe.

What causes people to flip the switch and start doing the uncomfortable thing they’ve been putting off for so long? Is it something you can duplicate?


Is there some activity in your business or life that you know you should be doing, and you know you could be doing, but you’re not doing?

Maybe it’s doing your own live events. Would you agree that it’s a good idea to get over the fear of speaking in public?

Maybe it’s increasing your budget on your online ads. Maybe it’s quitting your day job. What’s the one thing that you know will push your business forward, but you’re afraid to do?


Some people are as afraid of speaking in public as they are about death. Maybe it’s because they’ve never experienced death, nor have they experienced speaking in public, and the unfamiliarity is what makes them afraid.

Tom Beal once had a near-death experience. Since feeling what it’s like to be close to death, he no longer fears the things he used to. He steps out of his comfort zone much more readily than he used to. He walks boldly and is determined to be the best version of himself.

Are you ready to walk boldly and be the best version of yourself?


When Tom Beal was a new entrepreneur, he attended an event. His heart was touched as he sat in the audience and listened to the stories shared on the stage.

After hearing those stories, he started changing his behavior. He hoped that one day he might be a speaker, share his own stories and touch other people’s hearts to a point where change occurs in them.

You don’t have to have your own near-death experience to get over your fears and make a change in your life. All you need to do is hear someone else’s inspirational story and recognize that if they can do it, you can do it.