The One Thing No One Can Teach You


If you don’t know how to market, that’s OK. Just read all the books, consult all the mentors and attend all the events you can. Other people can teach you the marketing strategies.

If you don’t have the money, that’s OK. Other people can teach you strategies to get finance for your business. If you’re terrible at time management, other people can teach you that too.

The one thing no one can teach you is passion. You have to provide that yourself.


Eric Thomas, the motivational speaker, tells a story to illustrate this point.

The story features an experienced sales guru and a young student who wanted to learn sales. The young student says to the guru, “Teach me to be like you. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

The sales guru says, “Meet me at the beach tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.”

When the guru arrives at the beach, he sees the student is wearing his best suit and tie and polished shoes. The guru instructs the student to walk out to the water.

The student is confused and wonders what this has to do with sales, but he follows the guru’s instructions.

The guru then says to the student, “Walk deeper.”

The student protests, “But my shoes will get wet,” but the guru insists and keeps instructing the student to walk deeper.

When the student’s whole suit is submerged, the guru walks into the water with him and pushes his head under the water. By this time, the student has forgotten about his suit getting wet, and he has forgotten about learning sales. His only worry is about taking his next breath.

The guru lets go of the student’s head, and says to him, “When you want it as bad as your next breath, you will succeed. Until then, you’re just getting your feet wet.”


Often, people will say they want to start a business, but then start making excuses. They’ll find reasons not to go to events, and they’ll find reasons to prioritize other things in their life.

No doubt, the sales guru had encountered many young students who came to him with wide eyes and dressed in their best clothes, saying they were ready to learn all his secrets. Although he could teach them his techniques, he could never teach them passion.

If they didn’t already have the passion, they’d not last. It wouldn’t make any difference how good the guru’s techniques were or how much he taught them.

If you don’t have the passion for your business, no mentor or book can grant you success. But if you do, no lack of knowledge or money will stop you.