The 3 Levels of Action Taking


Are you taking action?

Often times, we tell ourselves we’re taking action, but we’re lying to ourselves.

There’s a difference between taking the minimum amount of action necessary, just to be able to say we’ve taken action, and taking the action necessary to get the result we want.


Level 1 of action taking is inaction.

The behavior that characterizes this level is excuse-making and procrastination. You’ll tell yourself all the reasons you can’t take action, and you’ll put things off and tell yourself that you’ll start tomorrow.

When your behavior is inaction, you believe that it’s too hard and it’s not worth trying.

The results are pain, frustration and not getting what you want.


Level 2 of action taking is “active action.” This is the level that most people mistake for genuine action.

When you’re at this level, you start to do the right things but only do them at the minimum. Then, you start to lie to yourself. You say, “I gave it my all,” or, “I did my best.”

Maybe you even start to blame others, since if you took all the necessary action, it must have been someone else who let you down.

Although you may feel smug, your results don’t change and it’s because you’re self-sabotaging.


Level 3 is productive action. This is when you’ll do whatever is necessary to get the result you’re after.

You’re not afraid to consult experts or coaches and have them hold you accountable. You believe that you can do it and you’re willing to learn whatever you need to accomplish your goal.

Everyone knows that inaction will not get them the results they seek, but neither will active action. Only productive action will get you to your destination.