Learn to Say No


Here’s an important lesson and a discipline you need to develop if you want to grow your business.

Learn to say no.

This doesn’t mean you should be closed-minded and not take advantage of opportunities that come your way. You should say yes to some things, but you can’t say yes to everything.

Once you do commit to a new project, you need to say no to anything that is irrelevant to that project and will throw you off track.


You’re always going to have marketers selling you their latest new product, inviting you to their next webinar or encouraging you to try the latest new marketing tactic.

You have to be disciplined and learn to say no.

Do you have a marketing plan? If not, first get one. Then, whenever you’re considering attending another webinar, buying a product or trying out a new tactic, ask yourself whether it fits with your plan.

Is your favorite marketer teaching how to launch a podcast? That’s great, but is podcasting part of your plan? If not, then ignore it.

Learn to say no to people who want favors from you for free, no to marketers selling you products you don’t need, and no to activities that waste your time.


Proactive people know how to say no. Reactive people don’t.

Most people operate their lives in a reactive state. They make themselves available to others all day long.

They start their day by opening up their email and see what problems need to be solved and which people need a response. The average person checks their email 36 times a day!

Proactive people do the important things first. They’ll attend to their own agendas in the morning and leave the email checking until later in the day.

When you are proactive, you are disciplined about how you spend your day. You say no to things that will cause you to lose control of your day.