Can You Really “Think and Grow Rich”?


If you’ve read the book Think and Grow Rich, you will be familiar with the concept of thinking focused thoughts and creating riches as a result.

Is it truly possible to do this, or is it just feel-good fluff?

If you understand how the mind works and how it controls your actions, you will start to learn how to use your mind to create whatever you want.


The conscious mind is the source of your mental pictures and the images you hold in your mind.

Your conscious thoughts create an image in your conscious mind, and if you repeat those thoughts enough times, they will be impressed on your subconscious mind.

Through the words you speak and write, you can influence other people’s conscious minds. This is why copywriting is so important. The words you write can plant an image in people’s conscious mind, and if that image is impressed upon their subconscious mind, they will take action on it.

Everything you say to someone directly influences their conscious mind, and their conscious mind directly influences their subconscious mind. That means that the next thing you tell someone is either going to positively influence them, or steer them in the other direction.


The subconscious mind is the source of your skills. We develop skills through the repetition of conscious thought, until it becomes automatically performed by the subconscious mind.

Your self image is stored within your subconscious mind. It is the sum total of your habits and attitudes.

Understand that your performance and self image are always equal. If you don’t subsconsciously consider yourself an entrepreneur, you won’t perform like a successful entrepreneur and you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

To change your results, you need to change your self image. Your self image is stored in your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind is controlled by your conscious mind. That means that keeping the right idea at the forefront of your conscious mind is the key to changing your results.

The more we think about, talk about and write about something happening, we improve the probability of that thing happening.


Once an idea filters through your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, it now has the power to start influencing your actions.

Your actions are based on what’s in your subconscious mind. When your self image in your subconscious mind matches the goal you want to reach, you will start to translate those thoughts into the right actions.

Action conquers all fear. It’s the only way you can develop the skills that will take you from apprentice to master.