3 Tips For The New Business Owner


Darin Adams spent 30 years as a TV presenter, and he interviewed a lot of small business owners and marketers.

He learned that the same principles of success that applied to his career in TV also applied to the small business owners he was interviewing.


The first principle of success is to have a strong support system.

Darin Adams would not have had a long and successful career in TV without the support of his family.

When you enter into a new business venture, there needs to be someone you can turn to who will cheer you on. There will always be some people who don’t support you, and that’s OK. But whether it’s your family, friends, mentors or colleagues, you will need some supportive voices as well.


In your business life, you’ll have to do scary things.

If you’re a younger entrepreneur, this may not faze you. But if you’re older and you’ve already had a long established career in another industry, it can be scary to venture into something else.

However, doing the scary things is how you get success. If you stay in your box of security, you won’t get any different results to what you’ve been getting.

As a TV presenter, Darin Adams was asked to do scary things. One day, the producer had the idea that it’d make great TV if Darin jumped off a 10 meter diving board.

Darin doubted whether he could do it. Maybe later on, when the same producer had the idea to send Darin bungee jumping, he may have regretted accepting that first challenge. But doing scary things is how you grow as a person.


Finally, don’t overlook your biggest tool when you’re a beginner.

When you don’t have a track record, you don’t have a lot of money, and you don’t have a lot of knowledge or skills, the one thing you do have is passion.

As a TV presenter, Darin Adams noticed that the most passionate guests were always the ones who sold the most products after being featured on the show. It’s because people want to be around people who are passionate.

To find your passion, just remember why you got into business to start with. It will propel you forward faster than anything.