The Mentality of an Entrepreneur

When you look at all successful entrepreneurs, you’ll notice that they all share a common mentality.

They are relentless in the pursuit of their goals, they are always after more and bigger results and they are healthily paranoid about the possibility that everything might be taken away from them.

It’s this mentality that brings them great results in business and life.


When you put a challenge in front of an entrepreneur, they’ll not be overwhelmed and paralyzed by it. They’ll simply find a way around it.

J. K. Rowling is worth over a billion dollars. When she first tried to publish Harry Potter, she got turned down to 12 different publishers. Even the one that accepted it only did so because his daughter liked it, but he doubted it would sell well.

What if she had given up after her 11th try, thinking “no one will ever buy this and I should just stop embarrassing myself?” A true entrepreneur never thinks like this.


Entrepreneurs have a mentality of “more,” and it’s a mentality that most people don’t understand.

The average person might ask an entrepreneur what their end goal is. 100 million? A billion? What amount will finally make them happy?

When they realize that no amount will satisfy the entrepreneur and they are always after more, they interpret it as greed. They wonder, “don’t you have enough?”


Entrepreneurs are always asking “what’s next?” When they have a successful launch, they won’t rest on their laurels. They’ll start planning the next launch.

Every day, I spend an hour thinking about the future. I’ll write down ideas for future products, offers and strategies.

Entrepreneurs have a healthy degree of paranoia about their money.

This is important, because someone out there is always working hard to take away what they’ve got. Competitors are always starting their own companies and wanting to take away their market share. Governments are always at the behest of lazy people who feel entitled to their money.

It’s not greed, but a knowledge that if they don’t protect their money, someone will take it away.