Cut Out The Negativity!

The bad news is, negative thoughts are infectious. By surrounding yourself with negative friends and negative media, you will start to think negative thoughts yourself. No one is immune from this.

The good news is, positive thoughts are also infectious. Connect with uplifting people and read positive books, and you’ll start to think positively too.

But negative thoughts are more powerful than positive thoughts. This will only work if you cut out the negativity from your life completely.


How do you take a negativity fast?

Turn off the news. Turn off all the negative TV shows. Disassociate yourself from any negative friends. Don’t express any negativity yourself. If you find yourself complaining, snap out of it.

If there’s someone who puts their negativity onto Facebook, hide them. If they complain, play the victim and declare that their life sucks, unfollow them. You can keep them as friends but keep them quiet.

Don’t feel bad that you’re cold shouldering your friends. This is your life and you must put yourself first. You must protect yourself from getting infected by the negativity.


A positivity diet means that you are consistently reading positive books, listening to positive audio programs and connecting with uplifting people. Follow people on Facebook who post positive messages.

Whenever Jeff Gardner listens to or reads some positive material and finds a positive quote, he will print it onto a sheet of paper and stick it onto his wall. This way, he is feeding himself positive information all the time.

Find ways that you too can feed yourself positive information throughout every day.


Unfortunately, the negative thoughts are not going to disappear overnight. Once you start running from them, they will chase you.

Whenever you think a negative thought or hear a negative voice in your head, first recognize that it comes from previous programming. Parents, the education system, the media. Don’t attach to it and believe that the thought is authentically you.

Then, challenge the negative thought. For example, if you find yourself thinking, “I should be more successful than I am,” question it. Ask yourself, “Am I really a victim of bad luck, or am I as successful as I should be, given my actions?”

Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings, negative actions and negative results. If you’re not experiencing the success you want, it’s likely that you’ve fallen victim to negative thoughts.

Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you will find that your feelings, actions and results move in a positive direction too.