Another Key Mindset Shift

A defining characteristic of people with an “Employee Mindset” is their need to know all the answers first. They are afraid—even terrified—to take a single step forward until they see a clearly laid out path in front of them. (This is the “paralysis by analysis” I mentioned earlier.)

On the other hand, Entrepreneurs and the wealthy take calculated risks. They know it’s better to just start, and figure out the unknowns along the way. They don’t have to have all the answers before taking action.

They know that making mistakes is healthy, and will be the fastest way to learn. So being comfortable with things being imperfect, they will “jump off cliffs” and figure out how to “build the plane on the way down.”

Let that one sink in for a minute …

Your greatest successes in business will come from the things you initially feared doing, or, those for which you didn’t know what the result would be.

There was no clear outcome, but you knew the upside potential was enormous and so you took action steps based on your faith that the answers would be revealed along the way.

It’s like walking up a flight of stairs. Each step up can be into complete darkness. It doesn’t appear until you take the next step forwards. It doesn’t appear until the feeling of falling is in the pit of your stomach. You’re stepping into the unknown, and that’s where the success is.

Are you willing to take action in building your business despite the fears you may have?

Can you view mistakes (including past ones) not as failures, but rather as necessary stepping stones to success?

Are you willing to follow through in using the marketing system we have—which, with over $67 million in commissions paid out, is proven to work...

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