How To Be A Visionary Like Elon Musk

In your business and in your life, there are different levels of thinking.

How are visionaries like Elon Musk able to think on such a stratospheric level? Because they are able to eliminate all the trivial worries and hassles of life and business that would otherwise interrupt their visionary thoughts.

This starts with delegating all the little tasks that need to be done, but block you from being able to think on a visionary level.


Whatever you do, don’t get stuck in “get stuff done” mode. This is the lowest level of thinking, and it doesn’t pay very well.

For each of those hours you spend in “get stuff done” mode, you’ll probably get paid $50 to $200.

What constitutes “get stuff done” mode? Reacting to other people’s agendas. Completing tasks others set for you. Putting out fires inside your company. Responding to emails.

When you are in this mode of thinking, your only thought is to complete the task at hand. By the time you’ve done that, there’ll probably be another one. As long as you remain in this mode, you’ll never get time to think the bigger picture thoughts.

Unfortunately, most business owners stay in this mode when they sit down at the computer. That’s why their business remains small.


High level mode grants you more freedom to think about the bigger picture. You can’t get into this mode if you are putting out fires and reacting to other people’s agendas.

How do you get out of “get stuff done” mode and into high level mode?

Firstly, you must own your own business. Secondly, you need to delegate all the low level tasks to your team instead of handling them yourself. Thirdly, you can’t allow yourself to get distracted by checking Facebook and email.

Then, you can spend your time coming up with new marketing campaigns and leading your company instead of having it lead you. This can pay you $500 to $3,000 an hour.


Visionary mode is where Elon Musk spends most of his time. If you are able to enter visionary mode, it can pay you $50,000+ per hour.

You will only enter visionary mode if you have your whole life set up in such a way that you don’t need to think about the trivial worries and hassles. Once you no longer concern yourself with what you’re going to eat today and what you’re going to wear tomorrow, it clears your mind to think about the bigger picture.


Most business owners refuse to delegate the smaller tasks in their business and insist on handling them themselves. This is why they stay on the lower rungs of thinking and they work unbearably hard to make even 5 figures.

Don’t spend half a day trying to install some plugin onto your WordPress blog. That does not directly bring in revenue, and you’re not in the business of setting up WordPress blogs. These kinds of things are jobs for other people.

Delegate them, clear your mind and rise up into visionary mode.