Create Your Own Version Of Success

IThere’s no single definition of success. You are free to define success however you like.

Don’t compare yourself to others and think you need to do exactly what they’ve done. If they’ve built an 8 or 9 figure company, it doesn’t mean you need to do the same. If they have hundreds of staff, it doesn’t mean you need to in order to consider yourself successful.

It’s the same with your team. You don’t prescribe a measure their success for them. They have to do that themselves, and decide what success means to them. It might be different from you.


Success and respect is not defined by the number of digits on your income or net worth. It’s about having a desire, a goal or a destination and reaching it. That’s when you become successful and that’s when you gain respect.

To create freedom in your life, you may not need to become a millionaire. That’s OK. Find the level of financial results that makes sense for you.

When you reach your own goal, you can consider yourself as successful as the greatest millionaires and billionaires. You just have a different version of success to them.

That said, don’t set a limit. Once you reach your target, you may find that scaling up to the next level is not as hard as you previously thought. In that case, why not go for it?


Everyone has their story of success, and every story is different. Stories are important because they are truth, and they show people what’s possible.

Those who are teaching and coaching others to success in business typically don’t owe their wealth to the silver spoon. They were typically not born into comfort, luxury and wealth. They are usually the ones who stepped up out of disadvantage and worked hard for their wealth.

It’s important to read and listen to stories like these, because they act as proof that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.