How to Turn Problems Into Opportunities

In your financial life, your relationships and your health, you are going to encounter problems.

That’s not something you can control. You will never be rid of problems. What you can control is how you respond to them.

You can either let your problems define you and believe you are powerless in overcoming them. Or, you can recognize they give you the opportunity to grow.


A victim’s belief system is that the event determines the outcome. Whatever happens to them dictates the quality of their life.

They’ve got a job and life is great. They lost a job and life is horrible. They’ve got a relationship and life is great. They lost a relationship and life is horrible.

Their life is either up or down based on the events that happen to them. Because these “waves of life” are always going to keep rolling in and hitting them, they are never in control of their emotional state.

Most people don’t want their life to be an emotional roller coaster ride, and it doesn’t have to be. Just adopt an owner’s belief system.


Someone who makes the decision to own their life will still have unexpected events happen to them. They’ll still be hit by the “waves of life.”

The difference is they don’t let the events dictate their emotional outcome and their quality of life. An owner’s belief system is that the outcome is determined by the event plus their choice of response to it.

The victim often believes they don’t have the ability to respond to the events. They are powerless. However, this in itself is a response.

We all choose how we respond to the events that happen to us. Some just don’t realize they have the choice, and end up choosing a negative response. Owners choose a positive response.


If you don’t like a situation you’re in, change it. Recognize that you have the ability to change your situation.

If you can’t change the situation, at least change the way you think about it. Your thoughts and beliefs are the fuel of your life. They drive your actions and your results.


Here’s how you can change the way you think about an adverse situation. When you encounter a problem, ask yourself, “How can I respond to this event in a way that empowers me and improves my life?”

Don’t take the common view that it’s nothing but bad news. Don’t let people take pity on you for your sorry situation. Instead, look at the silver lining. What opportunities can you derive from this problem?

When you live your life this way, looking at problems as opportunities, your results go through the roof. Instead of believing life happens to you, you believe life happens for you. Life supports you.