Ask Yourself These Questions Every Day

Every morning when you wake up, ask yourself “what’s great about today?”

By doing this, you direct your thoughts and set the tone for the rest of the day. Without this discipline, random thoughts will enter your head and not all of them will be positive thoughts.

Roger Salam has his “morning questions” laminated on the shower, which keeps his attention focused on the right thoughts.


Maybe there will be days where it feels like nothing is great about today. But the quality of your life is influenced by the quality of your questions.

If nothing’s great, then ask yourself, “How could today be better? What could be great about today?” This directs your mind into a place of problem solving, instead of a place of gloom and despair.

Then put your problems into perspective. Whenever Roger Salam is having a bad day, he thinks about his sister with an autistic child. She struggles just to give her child a bath. Roger can stand, take a shower and has all his limbs intact.

Suddenly, his problems don’t seem as serious anymore.

For most of us, 90% of the things we call problems can be solved by money. If money can solve your problem, it’s not really a problem but a temporary inconvenience.


Any time you encounter a problem, an obstacle, or a temporary inconvenience, ask yourself this question.

“What’s great about this problem?”

A question like this redirects your focus. Often, we look back on our past problems and challenges and recognize that they were stepping stones for greatness. They helped us become better people.

Yet, most people don’t make this realization until after the problem has passed. Why not? Because they never ask the question. If you don’t ask the question, the answer won’t come to you.


Here’s another question to ask yourself each time you encounter a problem. “What’s funny about this problem?”

It’s likely that some day you’ll look back and laugh about the problem. Why not now?

The sooner you can laugh about your problem, the sooner it loses its emotional grip on you. You are over it and you can move on.