You’re Going to Fail

There are two things you must understand.

One is that you’re going to fail. Two is that there’s a difference between failing and giving up, and failing repeatedly in a continual effort to reach success.

Sir Winston Churchill said, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” And if you’re going to fail, which you are, that’s the way you want to do it.


Some of your business ventures will fail. There’s no way of knowing which will fail and which will succeed. You have to test all your ideas and find out for sure. You’ll only find the winners, once you get past all the failed ventures.

There’s nothing wrong with one of your ventures failing. Kevin used to “get bent out of shape” whenever one of his ventures failed, but now he recognizes that it’s part of being an entrepreneur.

It doesn’t mean that you as an entrepreneur have failed, nor is it a sign that you will ultimately fail. Not as long as you fail fast, fail cheap and keep testing more ideas until you find the winner.


One of Kevin’s mentors is Tony Little. Whenever he goes to Tony for advice on a new idea, Tony’s answer is always, “You can do it.”

Don’t worry if you fail. You’ve got the support and encouragement from your network.

There are far bigger challenges in business to worry about, such as raising money to fund your ideas. Only when you get over your fear of failure will you be able to effectively tackle the bigger challenges.