80% of People Fail…Will You?

There’s an elephant in the room. We’ve all heard the statistics. The majority are going to fail.

Sometimes it’s 80%, other times it’s even quoted as much as 98% of people are going to fail. This can apply to starting a new business, or any endeavor in life.

We all think we’re individually going to succeed. Yet we all know that 80% of the people reading this (or 80% of the people in the seminar room) are going to fail.

Can you really be so sure that you’re going to succeed?


The biggest thing that Stephen Michael Miller has learned from coaching and training many new business owners is that your past is irrelevant.

What you’ve done or where you’ve been in the past, or even where you are right now, doesn’t have to define you. What defines you is what you choose to do today. That creates your life.

Perhaps 80% of people fail because they don’t believe this. They think because of their lack of education, or their age, or their socio-economic status, that they are permanently cut off from success. They think their past failures are permanent failures.

You set yourself free when you recognize that it’s only your future actions that need to define you.


Are you going to choose to do something different from what you’ve always been doing? Of course, your answer is yes.

In the seminar room, when the speaker asks this question, everyone gets excited and everyone’s hand goes up. Yet 80% of them still fail.

How can you avoid this? By recognizing that you have a clean slate, you’re not defined by your past, and by willing to be uncomfortable.

There are going to be tough times. You need to have a strong enough motivation for success to keep yourself in that state of discomfort for long enough. In fact, you need to learn to love discomfort. When you’re in a state of discomfort, it means you’re growing and moving forward.

If you can learn to love being in that state, and dislike the opposite feeling of comfort, you’ll practically be magnetized to success.