Less Thinking, More Action!

Do you suffer from analysis paralysis?

In other words, do you spend hours and hours trying to plan everything out perfectly before you ever take any action?

Although it’s great that you have pride in what you do and you want to achieve big, you need to be realistic. Often, the time you’ll lose while thinking will cost you more than the mistakes you’d make if you just took action.


Ed O’Keefe coached an athlete named Katy, who was a pusher on the national bobsledding team. She got bumped out of her spot and came to Ed for advice.

Katy explained to Ed that she wasn’t sure what to do. The Olympics were 3 years away and she was trying to come to a decision on what would happen when they finally came around.

Ed explained to Katy that she was trying to make decisions that are too early to make. He was reminded of a saying that a flower is not worried about whether the sun will show up tomorrow, it just acts like a flower. The tree on one side of the road is not judging the tree on the other side of the road, jealous that it gets more sun. What a horrible existence that would be.

There are some things you can’t control. The future is one of them. None of us know for sure what’s going to happen 3 years from now, and spending hours thinking it over isn’t going to change that. Save yourself the time and energy, keep living out your life and let the future reveal itself to you.


If you’re a high achiever, which many entrepreneurs are, you like to have everything under control and everything figured out now.

Sometimes, however, it doesn’t work that way. Recognize that the process is what pulls the answers out. Until you start taking action, the answers won’t come to you. No matter how hard you think and plan.

Only when you start executing will you find the answers you seek.

Every successful entrepreneur will attest to this. They may not have had everything figured out, but they kept moving forward. Somewhere down the line, the clarity popped out at them. They woke up wiser the next day than they were 3 years prior.

You can not be your best self if you’re trying to already be where you’re not. Stop thinking about building a billion dollar company if you haven’t even made one sale yet. Start thinking about making that first sale, instead.

Be in the present moment. For every hour you spend daydreaming about what might happen 3 years from now, it becomes less likely to happen. Instead, spend that time taking the action to make it happen.