Upgrading your mental operating system

When Apple discovers a mistake in its internal software, does it cancel all development? No, it simply sends out a monthly software update to fix the error.

Each time you upgrade your operating system to a newer version, it’s incrementally better than before. It’s faster, more secure and more capable.

You should handle your personal failures in the same way. Don’t give up all hope when you make one mistake. Just fix the mistake and upgrade your mental operating system to a better version.


Apple and other software companies discover bugs and mistakes all the time. They are what lead to the software updates that improve the operating system into the future.

Similarly, you can treat your past failures and mistakes as learning experiences that improve your mental operating system into the future. They can positively affect the way you act today, and the future you build.

Is this how you treat your failures and mistakes? Or do you let them make you depressed, anxious, sad, angry and fearful? Do you let them hang around and cause your operating system to decay even more?

Take a minute to step back and do an evaluation. What past failures and mistakes can you use to upgrade your thinking and your mental operating system? How can you learn from those experiences and act more wisely in the future?


Stephen Michael Miller finds that a lot of people had some negative experience between the ages of 4 and 9. Because of this, they decided they would be a failure for the rest of their life. They decided they were not worth it and could not be a success.

Stephen encourages them to go back and view them for what they are – learning experiences.

It’s your choice what you’re going to learn from that. Some people choose to learn that they are a failure and not capable of success. No one but yourself planted that belief in your mind. No one but yourself told you that you have to believe that. It was your decision because of the mental operating system you had at the time.

Decide that you’re going to upgrade your mental operating system to a better version. Instead of learning that you’re a failure, choose to learn that you can act differently in the future and move closer to success.