The Consequences of Not Taking Action

If someone wants to get in shape, they have choices.

Do they take the dessert or the healthy option? Do they wake up 30 minutes early and exercise, or do they hit the snooze button?

The answer all depends on the consequences of not getting in shape.

If the consequences are merely that they don’t like the way they look and they feel sluggish, they are not heavy enough to outweigh the pain of exercising and forgoing dessert. There’s a good chance they’ll take the easy option and not take the necessary action to get in shape.

It’s exactly the same with taking the actions to build your business. Are those consequences too trivial to make you take action? If so, I give you a solution in this video.


It’s easy for someone to not exercise and to eat unhealthily when there are very little negative consequences of doing so.

But what happens when they get a heart attack? Their doctor says if they don’t make a lasting change, they’ll not be alive 2 years from now.

Now, they’ve gotten a wake up call. The consequences of not taking action have now gone up and they will outweigh the pain of taking action. They will start eating healthy and start exercising.

Of course, it’s not a good idea to wait until you get a heart attack to start to make a change. A better idea is to introduce self-created consequences that will motivate you to make a change faster.


Starting and committing to your business is the same.

The consequences of not taking action are staying behind on bills, being unhappy with your income and having very little free time.

If those consequences are not painful enough, they’ll be outweighed by the pain of taking action and you’ll not make a change.