Desensitizing Yourself to Success

For some people, making a million dollars is a walk in the park. They’ve done it many times over, and they know they can do it again. It doesn’t intimidate them.

They are desensitized to success.

For most people, they’ve never done it before. The thought of making a million dollars makes them sweat. It’s intimidating to them. They have questions, concerns and doubts that may block them from ever getting there.


Let’s suppose that you set yourself a goal to make one million dollars annually. If you’ve never made one million dollars in a year before, it’s likely you’re going to have a number of fears or concerns about it.

What if I can’t I figure out a way to do it? What if my customers get upset? What if I get sued? What if I let the success go to my head? What if I don’t know how to minimize my taxes?

These are the kind of questions that will naturally roll around in your head if you’ve never done it before, and that’s OK. They’re not going to disappear until you’ve done it.

Until then, you just need to silence those voices and set a standard for yourself that you’re going to do it anyway.

Before Mark Hoverson had ever made a large amount of money, he did worry about not knowing a thing about tax minimization. But he’d read so many stories of bankruptcies and he wouldn’t let himself be one of them. That desire to succeed outweighed his fear of the unknown.

Sure enough, he ended up with a hefty $190,000 bill to the government. But at least he accomplished what he wanted to accomplish, and he would be wiser for next time.


Prosperous people know how to toss their heart and soul into an unfamiliar endeavor because they know it will turn them into a wiser and stronger person. They are unafraid to do things they don’t know how to do. They don’t fear the unknown, but their only fear is fear itself.

What drives Mark Hoverson’s choice of business ventures is not even the money. It’s the personal growth and the challenge to be something more.

He asks himself, what can he step into willingly, that when he steps out, he is more? More value to the marketplace. More service to his family. More wisdom about life.

Choose the unfamiliar projects that scare you, because those are the ones that will bring you the most personal growth.