It’s Not Just About the Money

We are all in business to make money. Any entrepreneur who says they’re not fussed about making money is lying.

However, there’s always a deeper motivation. Maybe you’re wanting to provide the best life possible for your children. Or, perhaps there’s a charitable cause that you care about and your business is funding it.

It’s this emotionally connected motivation that propels you forward through the toughest of times.


In fact, some business people are only interested in the money. There is no deeper meaning to their business at all.

You probably don’t want to do business with these people, as they are very likely to betray your trust. They are also likely to make a lot of money and then lose it again very quickly. They tend to make a lot of wrong decisions.

But when you do business for more than just the money, that all changes. You act with integrity. You are responsible with your money and you make better business decisions, because there is more at stake than just a number.

Most significantly, you’ll find the motivation to work harder. Your business will see good days and bad days. When you have a deeper mission, you’ll keep going through the toughest of times. When you’re only mission is to make money, you’ll be tempted to give up.


All of us have a different “why”. T.J. Rohleder is in business to provide a legacy for his family. Chris Lakey and his wife are passionate about working with orphans in China.

Maybe your “why” is a more selfish one. You might want to move to a nicer residence. That’s OK too. The main thing is that it fuels you to show up every day and do the work you committed to doing.

If you have no “why”, you’ll burn out and give up. But when there’s something bigger you’re trying to achieve, you’ll keep going through the hard times.