Action Takers Win!

All great entrepreneurs have an ability to spot the small windows of opportunity and take advantage of them before it’s too late.

Often, if you spend too much time hesitating, you’ll miss out on the opportunity for good. But stay tuned in, dialed up, focused and always ready to take action, and you will win.


After JT DeBolt got out of the navy, he became a platform speaker. One time, he was speaking at a book launch in his home town of Boise, Idaho.

After he tells his story of being a navy pilot, a woman comes up to JT. She says to him, “I loved your speech. Can I buy your book?”

After JT informs the woman he doesn’t have a book, she hands him her business card. “My name is Maryanna Young and I’m the CEO of Aloha Publishing. I would love to publish your book.”


JT’s stepmother was one of the first people to believe in his ability to become a navy pilot, which he then went on to accomplish. When he was 15, she had also encouraged him to someday write a book. At the time, he had dismissed this suggestion. He didn’t think he was capable.

But if he was able to become a navy pilot, why shouldn’t he be able to write a book as well?

Speaking to Maryanna Young that day, JT remembered the words his stepmother had told him. He had never considered writing a book, and he still didn’t see the vision for it, but that didn’t stop him. He said yes to Maryanna’s offer in 15 seconds.

Successful people have zero time for hesitation or doubt.

By the end of the year, JT had published his book, Flight Plan to Success. It was because he took action when he had the chance, did not hesitate, and acted in spite of any doubt he may have had.

Don’t wait until you have all the answers in place. Opportunities come in small windows, and you have to be ready to take them. Action takers win.