Change your thinking, change your life

Most of us have experienced being at rock bottom in a financial sense. We’ve been broke, or in debt, and with no idea of how to get out of it.

When our money comes crashing down like this, it can easily play with the mind. It’s very easy to feel angry, frustrated and hopeless.

Larry Benet is no exception. He used to live a comfortable life and had a high paying job, until he lost it.


These days, Larry Benet is a speaker who teaches entrepreneurs about the power of networking. Funnily enough, he was fired from his job for “doing too much networking.”

When this happened, he was angry and frustrated. He had a lot of money coming in, and they took it away from him.

We’ve all felt like this at times, but the sooner we snap out of it, the better. Anger and frustration will get you nowhere.

Larry’s friend suggested he watch the movie, The Secret. The movie taught him about the power of positive thinking. Although still somewhat doubtful, he decided to give it a try. He started thinking positively.


3 days later, Larry Benet managed to get the opportunity to ask a question to Donald Trump. He took this opportunity to find out how a millionaire handles adversity and pressure. His question was, “Mr. Trump, what would you do if you lost all your money?”

Trump’s characteristic answer was, “I’m going to be rich. Next question!”

This was a lightbulb moment for Larry. He realized that his similar positive attitude had already started to turn his situation around, and he resolved to keep that winning streak.

He decided he would build relationships, help others get what they want, and in exchange, he would get what he wants.

In less than 60 days, he met Richard Branson and got his private email address. He met Larry King, who invited him to breakfast. Many other notable and successful people have been in his private mastermind.

He simply changed the way he was thinking, and it changed his life.