The A.B.C.D of Success

If you’d met a billionaire long before they amassed their fortune, would you have guessed that they’d become a billionaire?

Is it possible to spot success in someone before it happens?

Successful people come from all walks of life. They are old and young. They are from the country and the city. They are educated and uneducated. They are married and single, with children and without children, male and female.


Successful people have a great attitude. They are always buoyant and they have an attitude of certainty. They are assured that everything will turn out fine.

No amount of negativity or criticism makes the slightest dent in their attitude. They stay confident and assured, no matter what.


A great attitude only comes from a genuine belief. You can’t walk around with a confidence of success unless you genuinely believe you can succeed.

Successful people owe their great attitude to a genuine belief. They believe in themselves and their capabilities. They believe in their vision. They believe in other people, even when those people don’t believe in themselves.


If attitude comes from belief, then belief comes from commitment. How can you believe you’re capable, unless you prove it to yourself by showing up every day and doing the work?

Successful people do what they commit to, even when the mood is gone. They show up when they don’t want to and even when they don’t have to. When they’re sick and tired and exhausted, they get to work anyway. They are committed.

By doing this, their belief grows, and their attitude improves. But it all starts with commitment.


Finally, there’s duplication.

To reach the greatest heights of success, we need to attract other people who share our vision. Successful people with a great attitude naturally attract others with a great attitude. It’s infectious. They inspire others to be as committed as they are, which creates the belief and the attitude for success.

When this happens, they form a team that’s equally committed to the same vision, and they create a movement that can’t be stopped.