Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Success does not come without failure.

In your quest to grow a successful business, you will encounter roadblocks that you don’t know how to overcome. You will fall down from time to time. You will be forced to step outside of your comfort zone.

But if you stay persistent, and you have a strong “why” for succeeding, your comfort zone will expand and you’ll become more capable to handle the challenges.


Changing your situation starts with accepting that your past failures and successes have no influence over your future, other than what you allow them to. Of course, if you’re convinced that your past failures will cause you to have future failures, then that’s what will probably happen.

However, if you believe you can improve your situation, you have to be willing to do different things and step outside of your comfort zone.

Inside your comfort zone are all the things you love and are used to – TV, music, food, your job, your normal routine. There are some elements that we share within our comfort zones, and others that differ between us, but we all have a comfort zone.

When you step outside your comfort zone is when you enter the zone of learning. Things get hard and unnatural and strange. Most people will cower and go back to their comfort zone, and nothing in their life changes.

For change to happen, you have to stay outside of your comfort zone for a while. Give it long enough, and you’ll find that a peculiar thing happens.


After you’ve been outside of your comfort zone for a while, your discomfort subtly turns into comfort. In other words, your comfort zone expands. What used to make you uncomfortable now becomes something that you’re comfortable with.

What’s more, when you look back at the way you used to live, and you look at your old comfort zone, you realize that it was one of the most uncomfortable places you’ve ever been. It was horrible and a place you never want to return to. You were spending your time and energy on things with no weight or value.

Having a strong “why” for succeeding will help you through the initial tough times, but eventually, you’ll no longer need it. Your comfort zone will have expanded and you’ll find yourself more capable.