Finding Your Core message

Your core message is the compelling reason your customers should do business with you and nobody else.

Ideally, it should be one sentence and no more than two. Nike goes one better and communicates its core message in just three words: “Just Do It.”

Your core message should sum up who you are, what value you bring and what you provide that no one else in the market can. Once you get clear on your core message, your marketing will take a quantum leap forward.


The challenges you’ve overcome play a big part in determining what value you can offer to which people. If you can find people who are facing the same challenges, you’ll know exactly how to help them overcome them.

Think about what’s been your biggest challenge in life or in business. What have you overcome or are committed to overcoming?

Norbert’s biggest challenge was his struggles in network marketing. He shares that story over and over in his marketing.

Show your vulnerabilities and challenges that you’ve had. It will show people who are currently facing the same challenges that they too can overcome them, and that you can help them do it.


Secondly, what are your strengths? Think about your talents, skills and experiences. Where do you excel or what are you committed to excel in?

Your strengths often come as a result of your challenges. For example, Norbert started in network marketing without a clue what he was doing. But he stuck around and learned the fundamentals of marketing. His marketing expertise is now his strength.


Your core message is not just about you, but also about your competition. Research your main competitors and find out what they’re missing. What does no one else offer that you can?

Norbert researched his competition and found that all the marketing gurus were overcomplicating what they taught. So, Norbert’s unique positioning is that he simplifies online marketing. He teaches you the boring fundamentals, but because of that, you’ll finally get results.

That’s his competitive advantage in the market. Work out what is yours.


Finally, what do you commit to delivering? What result do you promise to your customers?

In Norbert’s case, he promises a simplified marketing game plan and blueprint. He promises that it will help them overcome overwhelm and gain clarity.

Put together all of these elements – your challenges, your strengths, your unique positioning and your promise – and the result is a strong core message.