Getting Your Priorities Right

How do you start your day? By checking your email and social media? By attending to other people’s demands and agendas?

And then leaving your own projects until the end of the day, when you’re depleted of energy?

If you live your life like this, you won’t be a successful entrepreneur. All entrepreneurs have a set of disciplines by which they live their life, and one of them is being a master of their priorities.


Have you ever heard about the phenomenon that is putting rocks into a jar? Imagine you have a glass jar and some rocks of different sizes. There are larger rocks, smaller pebbles and some sand.

If you were to put the larger rocks into the empty jar first, followed by the pebbles and finally the sand, everything will fit into the jar. The pebbles will fall through the gaps between the larger rocks, and the sand will fall through the gaps between the pebbles. All the space inside the jar will be filled.

However, if you add the sand first, followed by the pebbles, you’ll have a problem. When you’re left with the largest rocks, they won’t fit into the space left in the jar. They’ll overflow.


It’s the same story with your priorities. Too many people start their day with the sand, or the little jobs. Checking their email, checking their social media, attending to other people’s agendas and doing the less important little tasks.

The problem with this is when they get to the end of the day, they’re depleted of energy. The bigger, more important tasks don’t get done. They get pushed back to tomorrow, next week, next month. The business doesn’t grow.

The better business people start their day with the rocks, or the bigger jobs. Creating products, writing copy, planning new business ventures. They attend to those first, and leave the little jobs for later in the day.

Do whatever you need to do to prioritize your own agenda. If you’re still working for someone else, wake up an hour earlier and put some work into your own business before you go off to your job. You don’t want to leave your own business until the end of the day when you’re tired.

When you get your priorities right, everything gets done.