Forming Habits In Your Business

Businesses are built on consistency.

You wouldn’t want your income to be chaotic. A business that makes $10,000 one month, then nothing the next month, is not much of a business. Most business owners want their results to be predictable every month.

For your business to produce consistent results, you need to be equally consistent with the activities you do within your business. This means forming daily habits and sticking to them.


Whenever I speak at our MOBE events, I always tell our attendees that the last thing I want for them is to go home excited about what they’ve learned, only to fall back into their old habits and routine 2–3 days later and never implement.

The most effective business owners implement what they learn immediately. If they learn a new marketing tactic from one of our speakers, they don’t even wait to get home. They start implementing it during the breaks at the event!

I can always tell who are our most serious students, because they’re the ones working hard at their laptops during the breaks, instead of making small talk at the refreshments table.

Next time you learn a new technique, or get an idea, take immediate action. Even if you feel you’re not ready yet.


Let’s say you decide to make a marketing video every day and send it out to your list. The first and second day, you get it done fairly easily. The third day, you’re busy and it’s more of a struggle, but you still get it done. By the fourth day, it’s 10 pm and you’re tired and you don’t feel like doing it.

You say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Now you’ve broken the habit and it falls by the wayside. Does that sound familiar?

When forming a habit, remember that the first 14 days will be the hardest. On day 4 and 5, making a video might seem too exhausting and you might be tempted to throw in the towel. But you’d be surprised at how easy and trivial the task will seem after you’ve had some time to build the habit.

Until then, remind yourself of why you’re doing it, how you’ll feel after you’ve gotten it done and how you’ll feel if you don’t get it done. That will serve as motivation until you no longer need it.

It also helps to decide on a certain time of day to complete your daily task, and make it a part of your daily routine. If you do it in the early morning, before you do anything else, you’ll have more energy and ensure it gets done on time every day.


In the early days of your business, your priority is to bring in cash. Any activity that relates to sales and marketing should be what you form a habit around.

You might commit to emailing your list every day and reminding them about your offer. You might commit to filming a video every day to build rapport and trust with your list. Or, you might commit to holding a webinar every week where you sell something.

Don’t be surprised if your customers notice the consistency with which you approach your business, too. They’ll gain respect for you and view you as trustworthy to do business with.