5 Bad StartUp Mentalities You Need To Fix

The No. 1 mistake is to not knowing beforehand what types of excuses can cost you a lot. So to avoid that, below are the four excuses that you should never make!

Before starting your very first business, it would be of great value to know ahead of time what type of excuses can cost you results, reputation and success during your entrepreneurial journey.

Therefore, in order to avoid making these mistakes and to become a better entrepreneur, or simply to improve yourself, here are the four excuses that successful entrepreneurs never use:

1. “I deserve to be successful.”

Could it be that justifying working less than you should, buying things you do not need instead of investing back into your projects, taking out a bigger debt than you can afford or simply not focusing on doing what you have to can cost you results and progress in the long term?

For sure, we all have the right to work towards our success, but thinking and taking for granted that “I deserve to be successful” will strip you from the fire that you get within when you want to achieve this goal.

2. “I don’t care what customers think.”

It is important to note that we cannot please everyone. This is a fact, but in the case of entrepreneurs it is different. Every successful entrepreneur is always thinking “customer satisfaction” before profits.

In addition, your customers are your most valuable asset since they are the ones who will be giving you the best feedback on your products and services.

This feedback can literally be your ‘‘success indicator’’ in your projects. Value this feedback and show to your customers how valuable they are to your company and you’ll surely improve and get results in the long term.

3. “It’s just a small detail; nobody will care.”

This one is very important to understand in order to avoid falling into perfectionism. For example, look at Mercedes Benz’s “The Best or Nothing” saying. These words symbolize the importance of choosing only the best parts for their cars, training their employees to do the work in the best possible manner and providing their customers with prime quality products.

According to their saying, you understand that their final products undergo a verification procedure after every step of their production, and this is what makes their reputation so strong.

You too can bring your brand “reputation points” by giving proper attention to every detail of your products or services.

4. “My idea will never work.”

Have you ever seen these colorful cylindrical pieces of polyurethane called “pool noodles” used in swimming pools? Well, that was an interesting idea that investors had to analyze.

This one is one of the most self-defeating excuses that any entrepreneur can ever give. Do not use this excuse at any moment in your entrepreneurial journey. Any idea can work astonishingly well if nurtured and well planned.

The Important Take Away

Most of the above excuses take away from you the wanting to act upon your ideas. Second, they rob all of us from many quality inventions and solutions that can solve our problems. Finally, it removes you from the potential of succeeding as an entrepreneur or an inventor. Find happiness through growing as a better entrepreneur. Now that you’re aware of these excuses and how damaging they are, be sure to avoid them.