The Key Major Mindset Shift About Success: Stop Waiting


Being afraid can be an abstract concept. There’s seeing a scary movie kind of fear, and then there’s the fear of taking risks in business.

I encounter fear a lot in my work, but the key is not to let it drive you. Instead, confront it, and you’ll get the job done.

Do Something Great

My mindset shift happened after significantly altering my previous outlook on life. Before, I was resentful and frustrated, so I needed to change it to be determined and positive.

After that fateful nighttime run, I knew going back to my exact routine wasn’t going to work. I needed to change something for the outcome to be different. So I started with what I did well. I taught myself how to generate leads, so I concentrated on that aspect.

Maybe you can write a great ad or email copy, or you know how to build a great landing page. Whatever it is, start producing that, and get help or pay others to do the things you can’t do well. Just don’t wait around for someone to show you anything.

Trust the Process

At one point, you’re either in or out. You have to think of this as a career and even beyond that. You have to realize this is a part of your life and enjoy it. That’s really the key: liking what you do so it doesn’t feel like work.

Once you understand that, you can start to trust and believe in the process. We have set up a proven system that has generated millions of dollars in commissions. Don’t waste your time getting stuck in learning mode or trying to do too much at once. Trust the system.

Final Thought

Figure out your own mindset shift. Realize you need to take responsibility, put more effort into marketing and not treat it like anything other than a career choice. Become an expert at one or two things and pay for the rest so you don’t stay in learning mode. Finally, trust the process.

Rather than quit, I dug in, changed my routine and my attitude. It was this turning point that not only produced results, but also changed my life!