The Power of Association

According to John Rohn, “you are the average of five people you spend the most with.” This is true for most cases like in the business world and entertainment industry. Those who are grouped together are usually of the same level of expertise, share a common interest, or usually of the same status in life. Who you mingle with and what they do affects your goals and motivations—and it truly helps being around someone who’s rich and influential. They can pull you up to be at par with them.

Hanging out with successful people can have a positive effect on your career or business because they can open up a lot of opportunities for you: exposure to new information, network growth, and referrals. Take a look at Oprah for example. Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, Dr. Phil and Nate Barkus all have top careers, thanks to the popular TV host and actress. Another is Taylor Swift and her squad. Let’s admit that everyone who’s very close to her have bumped up their careers just because they’re always seen together.

This leads to the thought that if you want to reach for higher ground, try befriending more wealthy people.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to ditch some of your friends. You can still have them, of course. But what you need is a strong influence in your industry to get ahead through the power of association.

So, how can you use your connections to leverage your business and wealth? Here are some simple ways to level up your entrepreneurship through your network of friends:

1. Look for people with the same goals or have already achieved your goals.

No matter how smart and talented you are, if you don’t know anyone in your industry to mentor you or share your experience with, you’ll be left in a rut without knowing what to do. Sure, the internet is a good place to seek advice from, but the knowledge you can get directly from your inner circle is far more valuable.

They can share experiences with you giving a very detail account as well as get effective tips to reach your goals or avoid any obstacles they’ve seen themselves. Moreover, you can learn their skills and strategies on how to manage day-to-day tasks in building a business and self-development.

You can always learn about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s trending from them—insider information you can only acquire from people who have been there or are working towards similar goals.

2. Stay away from the negative ones.

The middle class and the poor usually have problems with money, careers, and life. It doesn’t really apply to all but let’s face it—they’re complainers and are always afraid that the sky might fall out. In contrast, business-minded people are worrying about their next move for expansion and how to grow their businesses more, which is what you should be thinking about too.

Engage with people who have the same mindset as you and get support from people who believe in your ideas and concepts. This is absolutely important as sharing the same attitude with anyone who is financially-intelligent who can move you forward rather than drag you down.

3. Join masterminds.

One way of surrounding yourself with people who can help you build your business or career is by joining organizations, events, or seminars. People who want to learn and educate people about entrepreneurship gather at such occasions and from there, you can get two things: knowledge and network.

You can socialize and ask around how you can leverage your business through tried-and-tested techniques and even learn from their failures so you won’t make the same mistakes. What’s more, you can also gain acquaintances and even business partners who are interested in what you do. Participating in any business community is a great win you shouldn’t let pass.

MOBE hosts mastermind events that you can join and learn how to get income, keep it and diversify it. You can also find more events in your area through Google or by asking around.

4. Partner with investors.

Angel investors and venture capitalists are people who you can look up to and do business with. The reason is very clear: they are wealthy and have power over the business world. Why? Because they have the money to fund a lot of businesses and the community to market and communicate with.

It’s not only the people who you spend time with you should choose. You must also reach out to those who can take your business to the next level, literally through financial assistance and connection. You can always bootstrap and build your business by yourself, but with these investors they can also act as advisors and can refer you to a lot of other people. They will guide you in expanding your enterprise, network, and knowledge.

Finding one may be difficult at first as that would require a lot of pitching. You can start with researching and following them on online forums and social media sites like LinkedIn. Their wealth of information is great to know and if you get lucky, you might even get a “YES” for success.

Birds of a feather flock together. You spend time with people who like what you do and understand your ideals, similar to how wealthy people associate with fellow wealthy people. Who you often spend time with makes you, but remember that just befriending anyone who’s rich won’t make you instantly the same. It’s just a boost for your hard work and an add-on for building your connections. Furthermore, avoid having “fake friends” by forcing friendships. You want to get people who will stay with you and help you even in the most difficult of times, especially when starting out in business. Find someone you can trust and make real relationships. You want people who can help you not just represent you.

The power of association is a great tool to leverage your knowledge, skills, and influences. If done right and you found great people to back you up, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.