Keep Your Drive Alive For Consistent Success

Some entrepreneurs may decide to “rest on their laurels” when they reach certain goals. But, that’s not the way I look at entrepreneurship. I believe that if you want to run a thriving business, then you have to find ways to stay determined and dedicated to reaching your goals.

Perform at Your Full Potential

A lot of people fail to reach success because they don’t maximize their full potential. It’s extremely frustrating to know that an individual is capable of so much more than what they’re doing. There are two types of people who don’t achieve nearly as much as they could:

•  Those who don’t believe they have more potential

People in this category fail to reach their full potential because they don’tbelieve they can live the same life as successful people. They feel that level of success is unattainable and beyond their capabilities. However, if they could turn that skepticism into belief, they could be living a completely different life—one that is rewarding, enriching and successful.

This lack of self-esteem stifles creativity and productivity. It may sound cliché, but everyone is capable of extraordinary things as long as they apply themselves and work hard. A simple change of perception can be the difference between living an average life with an average income and a successful life with financial freedom.

•  Those who know their true potential, but don’t do anything about it

This group is unable to live a successful life or, at least, fail to live the life they want because they procrastinate on achieving their goals. They know they have the required skills and passion for excelling in a certain field, but their lack of application hinders their growth.

Those who know their potential but fail to work and reach it are the most frustrating to comprehend. The only thing they’re lacking is the drive and focus. If they just push themselves to work harder, they can be whatever they want to be because they have the skills and abilities, and they know it.

I’ve always wanted to be the very best I could be and echoed that desire in MOBE as I constantly try to improve its processes and operation. I may not be an expert in all things, but when I need to reach a new goal, I always seek advice, learn or hire people who successfully accomplish tasks.

Compete with Yourself

When you set a target and compete with your personal best, you’ll find that it keeps you on your toes, and your productivity skyrockets. This type of goal will make you more determined to succeed because anything short of the previous month will feel like you’re going backwards.

For example, after the $5,000 month, our revenue the next month went up to $7,000 followed by $15,000 and so forth. I always keep track of how much we earn and try to beat it, so the new baseline is higher every month. You should do the same, and if some things are not up to par, find ways to improve them.


As long as you keep tracking your progress and consciously strive to do better than you did before, your drive and focus will remain high. Don’t make the mistake of being too complacent with your business. You should always look to scale and get bigger and better. I still have the same hunger today as when I started this journey.