How To Ignite Your Fire & Boost Your Energy


Do you envy those people who seem to be exuberant and energetic every hour of every day, while your own energy seems to wax and wane?

Even when things work out horribly for them, and people don’t like them, they’re still excited and on fire.

How are they able to ignite that fire and unlock that inner energy, while you’re not?


One way to ignite your hunger is to think about what you’re going to get out of success and wealth.

We’re not talking about the cash and the material possessions like houses and cars. We’re talking about the emotions and the states of being.

What ignited Jeff Gardner’s hunger when he built his business was the desire for freedom. He wanted the ability to do whatever, with whomever, whenever. He didn’t want anyone telling him he couldn’t do something.

What will success bring to you? Is it fun, meaning, purpose, excitement, security, contribution, connection, creativity, growth, legacy, adventure?

Maybe the rewards for yourself won’t get you as excited as what you can bring to your family and loved ones. What do you want to be able to provide for your spouse, your children and generations to come? That’s how to ignite your hunger.


What are the dreams you can fulfil for others or yourself?

At an early point as he built his business, Jeff Gardner realized that who he used to be got him the results he had back then, which were mediocre. He realized that he would have to become someone else.

He could not hold on to his old personality, his old education, his old beliefs and his old actions. He had to replace them with new and better ones, and become a new person.

The prospect of becoming a new and better person can be scary, but it’s also exciting, and it can ignite your hunger too.


Sometimes aspirations don’t fuel that hunger. Maybe you’re not someone who wants a bunch of stuff.

Another way you can ignite your fire is to find an enemy, and be on a crusade against something. Maybe you’re on a crusade to free people from financial shackles, fighting against negative messages and media, fighting against financial illiteracy or unhappy lifestyles.

Find whatever it is for you that ignites your fire and unlocks your energy.