Turning Prospects Into Clients



  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to call your leads, the chances are twice as high your leads will convert to customers during these three days.

  • Christmas time and February are the best times to launch a new marketing campaign.

  • When getting more leads to convert, visual aids are important. The use of visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than just written text. (which is why Social Media is so important!)

  • 70% of leads will convert over when you use the problem-solving approach to close the deal.

  • When using e-mail to reach out to a sales lead, 7/10 will convert when presented with a coupon or discount code.

9.1 Automating The System

Now that you’ve chosen a way to make money, let’s put it into action. With automation, you can have your business run for you while you are sleeping, traveling, or hanging out with your friends and family…

This is my #1 key to creating more time freedom in your life! Like I said, working online you have the option to have your business run internationally… 24/7 like clock work!

9.2 Capturing Emails from Leads

Once you drive the traffic to your website, you can then capture the lead’s information.

It is important to set your website up to build a relationship and offer more insight on the product or service that you are offering to the lead.

Below I’ve included a link to show you the exact system I use to build my personalized website and collect information.

Since these leads are probably your followers on your social media, they probably like the content you share and products or services you share through your page, thus capturing their info such as email, you are able to target them for different offers directly to their email address.

It is 20 times easier to sell more to a current customer than it is to acquire another customer!

  • Retarget your list with different offers. (Under Nu Skin Policy, once someone is an Executive Consultant or Nu Skin employee, you can't target them for other direct selling or network marketing business opportunities). 

  • Create an automated way to communicate with your clients and prospective clients.

  • Extend a call to action.

  • Establish daily habits. (i.e contact X number of people a day, post X number of times on your social media...)


8.2 Impactful Interactions

Relationships are key to this business and are essential to maximizing any exciting offer, incentive or product launch to grow your business.


Start by identifying their skin goals.

What’s a skin concern vs. a skin goal?

A skin concern is an uneven skin tone or fine lines and wrinkles. A skin goal is having a glowing complexion or skin that is smooth and looks firm by summer.

 Understanding what your Customers’ goals are helps you effectively guide and celebrate their outcomes along the way. This also helps strengthen your relationships and allows for a more dynamic and purposeful follow-up when the time comes.

Here are some conversation examples:

1. Tell me how you would love your skin to look and feel.

2. Are you on track to reaching that goal?

3. Let’s set a skin goal together!


A magic moment is when someone asks your Customer (ADR):

“What are you doing with your skin?” Or when they look in the mirror and smile at their results. These moments can lead to deepened Customer loyalty and enthusiasm.

 Help your Customers experience that magic moment. Make sure they are using the right products in the right order to achieve results that lead them to that moment. Ask them to do the following:

  • Identify and describe their skin goal

  • Write that goal

  • Take a “Before” picture

  • After 60 days, take an “After” picture

 Follow up recommendations:

• Ask them to keep their eyes and ears open for a magic moment over the next 60 days. It may be a look they get, a smile, or a compliment on their skin. Then share your magic moment with them.

• If they’ve already had a magic moment, ask them to tell you about it.

• Encourage them to post their magic moment on social media to share with others.



 Start with warm leads. These are people you trust and who already have trust in you.

  • Express your passion

  • Ask about their skin goals

  • Share what’s new

  • Communicate it’s free to sign up!

  • Close with confidence

  • Patience is important — a purchase may not always occur on the first ask

  • Set your follow-up plan

 Approach all others and focus on the relationship.

  • Ask about their skin and lifestyle goals

  • Share what’s new

  • Convey the value

  • Discuss the PC Perks program

  • Communicate it’s free to sign up!

  • Close with confidence

  • Patience is important — a purchase may not always occur on the first ask

  • Set your follow-up plan


You should never feel awkward or uncomfortable recommending additional products to your Customers. It doesn’t hurt the experience, in fact, it gives an irreplaceable Customer service experience as long as your recommendations are of value to them and connect to their skin goals.

• Use your notes to help you remind them of their skin goals

• Recommend one to two specific products that support their goals

• Overcome their objections with empathy and patience

• Share the free sign up to reassure them

• Close with confidence by reiterating their skin goals and how these products will help them reach them

• Set a specific follow-up date no more than 48 hours after their products arrive

• End with the same enthusiasm whether they purchase or not



Discuss their lifestyle, family or personal goals.

Question Recommendations:

• What are some of your personal goals for this year?

• Are you on the right track to achieve your goals?

• What are some personal achievements you wish you could accomplish?

9.3 Email Marketing

On average, it takes seven times for a lead to see an offer before they make a purchase.


Because they want to get to know you as a person first.

So once you’ve collected the leads information it’s time to offer value! Plus, you already know they are interested in your offer or they wouldn’t have entered their e-mail.

Following up with them is key.

Tip: Over deliver in value. This will be very loyal customers.

How would you feel if all three of those steps happened automatically without you having to reach out, customize, or personalize anything because it’s already done for you?

That is the power of automation.

You can set your entire business to run, drive traffic, sell, follow up and close all for you!


  • Grow your email list the right way using a sign-up form that requires subscribers to opt-in to receive your emails.

  • Keep your business on their mind. Send your welcome email immediately after they subscribe. We recommend using an automating system to email them as soon as they subscribe.

  • Include attention-getting preheader text to provide more context to your message and encourage your reader to open the email.

  • Segment your list based on the interests of your audience or their stage in the buying cycle.

  • Get personal. Personalization increases your email's chance of being opened by 26%.

  • Use marketing automation to create customer journeys that nurture them and provide them valuable content along the way.

  • Use dynamic content to tailor messages to subscriber's attributes. Focus on your customers' gender, preferences, and their geographical location.

  • Give your emails the best chance at being opened. Send emails based on your subscribers' time zones to give your emails the best chance of being opened.

  • Check every element of your email to ensure it's in tip-top shape before you push send.

  • Use your reporting to improve your future email campaigns and customer engagement.

9.4 Follow Up

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: What do you hope to get out of this new contact? Chances are when you met the person in question you saw a possible link that made you think they were a good fit for this type of opportunity. Keep your goal in mind as you draft your initial email.

HELP THEM PLACE YOU: Be casual. Remember these are people who have already met you. 

PROBLEM SOLVE: Remind them how this opportunity can benefit them and their goals. You are more likely to be successful if this opportunity can offer them a solution to a current problem. 

GET TO THE POINT: Extend an invitation to learn more and leave them wanting more. Don't be afraid to share with them the exciting incentives and benefits that current consultants enjoy.


9.5 Incentives

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any incentive package! 



I'm giving away my high converting lead email capture page!




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