Welcome to Step 10! Tips on how to create a killer caption!

Up to this point you have learned that to grow, you need to partner with other pages, brands and influencers and create a compelling and visual image for your offer. 


Now it's time to learn how to take your promotion to the next level by crafting a compelling caption (text below your image).

Unlike Facebook Ads (and the horrible 20% text rule), when you use this strategy you are not limited by the amount of text you can have in your ads. However remember, the goal of the text below your image is to have someone click on the link. 

So in the text you are not going to be focusing on selling your product or service.

You want to focus on the benefits (NOT features) of what your product will give someone.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Make sure to always highlight what your prospect is going to get when they click on the link. And always, ALWAYS use highly visual images to get your prospects attention.


We all know that word-of-mouth or referral marketing is one of, if not the most powerful form of marketing. That's why when crafting the caption we always luke to leverage the fact that our promotions are coming directly from a trusted source.

As we have already covered in previous steps, these pages/ influencers are "sharing" your offers on their page. That's why it's best if you begin the text below the post/ad as though it's personal message.

Always begin your text below your offers with a personal message as though it's coming from the page owner. Do that, and you'll be moving in the right direction (this is what converts the best!)


I'm not a salesperson or an experienced Internet Marketer and when I first started my online business, I really didn't want to become one of THOSE marketers that hypes up all of their products. But I quickly learned, that's what works.

So when you are creating your caption you have to understand that it is a huge opportunity to "sell" people on visiting your sales page.

After you've leveraged the personal referral aspect of the text below the offer shoutout, you want to start laying on a really compelling message.

  • Physical Product approach: using some type of discount or special offer to create excitement and urgency is what typically works best. Everyone likes a good deal so building this into your message will help drive more traffic.

PRO TIP: offering free products or free shipping in the caption is a great strategy for getting people to take action.

  • Digital Product approach: If you are selling a course or a service, you should list a couple of benefits.This is important because you want people to see what type of results they can expect to get from our program.

PRO TIP: If you're promoting a free product, you obviously want to use the word FREE as much as possible. However, if you're promoting an offer that is anything but free, you're actually better off promoting the price...hear me out! Promoting the price in the text below the post actually decreases traffic but INCREASES conversions. Meaning you make a whole lot more money promoting the price! But there's one catch- you need to throw in some FREE bonuses! Because remember, anytime you can use the word FREE, you're going to drive more traffic.

If you are promoting digital products use the word FREE and use bonuses if possible. This will increase your traffic and most likely your conversions which means more profit.


You want to highlight the product or service you are promoting with a strong call-to-action right below. People need to know what they're going to get when they click on your link.

It needs to be crystal clear! 

You want to tell people what to do next and you want to create urgency. This is where you direct them to "click link in my bio" to "learn more" or "get your copy today".

Also have the link to your Instagram page in the caption and have the Instagram page/ influencer (that you are promoting with) tell people to follow you! This allows to drive traffic to your Instagram page and your website at the same time!